We’re a movement of people with a shared vision for city transformation.


Emergent is a movement of people and businesses dedicated to transforming business and society. Part parent company and part consultancy, Emergent’s mission is to a create an ongoing legacy through transforming individuals, companies, and communities through advancing the Emergent Business Model.

Each Emergent Company lives and operates by this simple but progressive operating formula. We call it 20/20/60.


Giving back.

Our first 20% of profit goes to charity. We believe that through it we are changed and become a part of changing the world.


Storing up.

The world is uncertain, and we’ve been through enough fluctuation to know it’s wise to prepare for tomorrow.


Sharing success.

Work without profit is foolishness. We may give radically, but we also profit and continue to invest it for continued growth.

Over the last 15 years, our shared mission and 20/20/60 model has transformed local communities through almost 2 million dollars of charitable giveback, started 10 unique companies who claim significant market presence and over 60 million dollars in combined annual revenue. We did set out to do something different, but not for the sake of being different — for the sake of actually shifting the tides of business and society.

Emergent hopes to influence the business and political communities by giving back so much — progress and personal welfare become unavoidable. Maybe it’s audacious, but we think we’re a part of leaving the world in a better state than we found it through our collective good will and giveback.


These three principles are the foundational values that drive everything we do: destiny, authenticity, and generosity (DAG).

A Collaboration of Destinies

There’s nothing more powerful than a person who has discovered the highest potential intersection of their passions and person — that’s what we consider destiny. We live by it. In fact, we create businesses that center around people who have pinpointed what they want to do with their lives, then we empower them to do so. We’re each on that journey at some point or another. And so, as a company, we collaborate and continually call each other up into who they are created to be, believing in the inherent goodness of each individual and the value of their unique contribution.

A Culture of Authenticity

Discovering our identity comes from the willingness and freedom to be wholly and completely yourself — unbridled, totally present, and absent of an agenda. This type of transparent living is inseparable from Emergent’s values. And when you have a culture of authenticity, you create an ecosystem — not an ego system — where everybody is elevated and unrestrained to run faster, create in freedom, and be present and aware of what’s trying to emerge.

A Business of Generosity

As we collectively run after our destinies, in a culture of authentic and unbridled people, we can actually begin to consider a world outside of our own. We move into a spirit of truth, charity, and selflessness that sees a world in need of good will. So, since its inception, all our companies have given 20% of our profits to charity through our 20/20/60 Emergent business model. We call it doing good, by doing well. As we’ve moved in this spirit of radical generosity, we’ve come to believe that good will may be the most powerful force in business today.



We love meeting new people and dreaming with them.