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Driven more by purpose than profit.

Incorporated with a 20:20:60 Emergent business model
Founded with a culture of destiny, authenticity, and radical generosity
Purposed with a giveback that benefits the human condition

Unbridled originated the 20:20:60 business model as a revenue-producing strategy for fulfilling the three-fold mission of UnbridledACTS: building restorative family-oriented communities, empowering the dreams of next-generation entrepreneurs, and promoting freedom and dignity for vulnerable and exploited populations throughout the world. In event production and event management world, Unbridled pursues a passion for the transformative power of authentic partnerships, creative collaboration, and workplace cultures that are more concerned with people than bottom line.

Founded: 2001  |  Employees: 86

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Unbridled Travel followed suit soon after Unbridled began, creating a consultative and service-oriented travel agency arm to complement Unbridled’s event management and logistics. Unbridled travel is a full-service travel agency that does group air booking and ground transportation for events. Let’s face it, event travel and transportation may not be sexy, but it’s the first and last experience you have with an event — so doing it well is critical.

Founded: 2002  |  Employees: 6

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Giftd was birthed from the simple truth that gifts matter and presentation is everything. By establishing relationships with their clients and intuitively understanding what they need based on who they are, Giftd designs gift experiences that capture the heart of a company’s brand and helps them express their unique message of value and appreciation to those on the receiving end. Dedicated to supporting local artisans and startups, giveback is an intrinsic piece of every gift they source, and their passion for creative packaging guarantees a level of attention to detail that makes it clear just how much they care.

Founded: 2014 |  Employees: 2

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Unbridled Holdings is a Denver-based real estate development company focused on the preservation of historic structures. Beginning in the Capitol Hill area, Holdings purchased and restored one of Denver’s favorite landmarks, the Grant Street Mansion, followed by the Bosworth Mansion, currently being renovated, and the August 2018 purchase of Hotel St. Cloud in Canon City, CO.

Founded: 2014 |  Employees: 2

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Unbridled Contractors isn’t “just” a construction company. Our goal is to be known by our heart for the people in our business – employees, partners, and clients – that they would discover their identity and pursue their purpose. Along with a passion for community transformation, we are drawn to the mission of Ordinary Missionaries and the work being done at the El Rosario Boys Academy in Guatemala. We share their heart for young boys, raised predominantly by single mothers, who struggle to understand their value and identify/fulfill their purpose.

Founded: 2014 |  Employees: 7

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Unbridled Connect takes a completely different and uncommon approach to contact center services. Focusing on a “Performance for Purpose” model provides a generous giveback by mentoring and empowering team members and partnering with UnbridledACTS and UnbridledACTS Africa. We serve all we come in contact with, and are expanding the financial impact of generous giveback through Peaceful Hugs, a new nonprofit in Detroit, Michigan serving single mothers and at risk youth, while revitalizing one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

Founded: 2014  |  Employees + Contractors: 200+

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Unbridled Media is passionate about film…and about becoming producers of premiere films that impact and inspire. With a unique collective gift for seeing the world through the lens of a camera, their giveback targets youth who share their dream of pursuing careers in film. Partnering with UnbridledACTS to explore future opportunities for giveback, contributions to date have been channeled through Denver nonprofit, Youth on Record, in collaboration with the Rock It Forward Fund.

Founded: 2015  |  Employees: 6

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Artist Uprising is more than just a company, it’s a movement committed to shifting cultural perspectives of the arts…and the artist. ArtUp tells the stories of creatives at a crux or tipping point. The “starving artist” who lacks the resources they need to take their creative expression to the next level of achievement and needs a push to help them reach their next level of success.

In hopes of ending “starving artistry,” ArtUp plans to play a vital role in recalibrating culture’s view regarding the value of all forms of the arts by giving back 20% of profits to arts education for rising artists.

Founded: 2010 |  Employees: 2

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Denver Music Institute promotes “soul generosity” in today’s music culture by imparting skills and practical knowledge to the next generation of musicians so they’re empowered to accomplish stability as professionals by understanding the value of their creativity. By providing additional streams of revenue for both teachers and performers, DMI hopes to “create a middle class of musician that understands the potential of what they are capable of and the value they have to offer.”

Founded: 1999 |  Employees + Contractors: 14

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Red River Turning Company was born from a love for storytelling and the belief that every good word starts with a story. Handcrafting luxury writing instruments made from the finest, story-enriched materials from around the world, Red River exists to inspire. It starts with a piece of wood connected to an origin and turns into a legacy of writing the next generation of stories to come. Red River Turning seeks out opportunities to reinvest into the hearts of young musicians, creatives, and poets come naturally through the stories of unsung heroes and the tangible materials. The Red River Turning Company is instilling hope for a lost generation and awakening their hearts to storytelling.

Founded: 2017 |  Employees: 4

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Unbridled Wealth is rapidly becoming one of Emergent’s most influential brands. Our passion is to support generational businesses making family legacies and millionaires standard practice through guaranteed strategic cash management. Our unique strategies around business and personal cashflow management are delivering guaranteed tax-free returns rarely realized in the market today. By combining the innovative financing practices of private equity with decades of experience in wealth management principles, our impact is extensive. From generational wealth strategies to value-building business finances, succession planning, and responding to the student loan debt crisis, Unbridled Wealth is dedicated to leaving the world in a better place than we found it.

Founded: 2017 |  Employees: 4

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Incorporated with a 20:20:60 Emergent business model
Founded with a culture of destiny, authenticity, and radical generosity
Purposed with a giveback that benefits the human condition

Founded: 2008  |  Employees: 19

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Founded: 2014  |  Employees + Contractors: 24

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Founded: 2014  |  Employees: 4

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So is all of this just talk? Let’s look at the results.


This creates a sustainable shared accountability and profitability.


Far above the industry average, when you honor people and give them the freedom to grow — they stay longer.


When your employees are happy and stick around, you can create deep client relationships.


When you have a stable client base, you’re able to grow from a firm foundation.


When you run a smart business, you can take care of your team members well.


With success comes responsibility. We choose to use it to serve and seek social good.

*Results are based on findings from all official Emergent Companies.


We’d love to hear what your dreams mean to you.